Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to the marriage of Shundaloo Walls
and L. Ron Hubbard. It is a blissful day.

The world will forever be blessed by this blessed union.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh the train. Just because of a little rain, the 1 train (formerly and still to me known as the 1-9) went all crazy. I sat on the 1 for 10 minutes, while three 2/3 trains came and went, and the announcer repeatedly said (clearly at least) "this train will NOT stop at South Ferry." Well, I weren't going to no South Ferry, so I waited for the train to take me to Houston street. Finally the announcer seemed to realize that perhaps her announcement wasn't quite right. So in an extremely exasperated voice, she said "THIS TRAIN WILL NOT BE STOPPING AT CHRISTOPHER, HOUSTON..." and the rest. Couldn't she have mentioned that earlier? Rather than fight through the angry mob to take the 2-3 down to Chambers and then the uptown 1, I elected to walk. In the rain. With no umbrella. But, the story has a happy ending because on my way, I passed the MUD truck! Now I have a fantastic giant $2 cup of deliciousness and I'm as high as a caffeinated kite. Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Brunch Institute
A Study of the Brunch Options in Williamsburg
Study 1: Sweetwater
105 N 6th St (Cross Street: Between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue)
French toast option - Stuffed French Toast with homemade marmelade & cream $8
The french toast is phenomenally good. It made John cry and believe in Jesus. He thinks it is stuffed with apples and butter, though the menu says marmelade and cream. It comes with a big pile of whipped cream which is very good on bacon, dolloped into the coffee, or just eaten with a spoon. Also figs - like fig newtons, but better. The eggs benedict is excellent, with perfectly cooked eggs, and a slice of tomato as a little bonus underneath the canadian bacon. It is accompanied by very good french fries and a nice little salad with grape tomatoes and red onions. Very nice decor, a short wait, and friendly service from the bartender and the cute waitress. No omelettes - the egg options are the benedict and 2 served any style with the aforementioned fries and salad. They will bring you a side of bacon for $2. All in all, an extremely happy meal, though entirely lacking in cheese.
The Brunch Institute
A Study of the Brunch Options in Williamsburg
Emphasis: French Toast

318 Grand St (Cross Street: Havemeyer Street)
Menu sound deeelish and is pretty cheap.
French toast option - cardamom french toast with carmelized pinapple and almonds $7
Also $6 for 2 bloody mary's if we are in the mood for that... you know me the alcoholic.

Union Picnic
577 Union Ave, Brooklyn 11211
At N 11th St
Mmm, southern soul food, everything sounds delicious and cheap. I want to go for non-brunch!
French toast option - "elvis french toast."

Santa Fe
366 Union
Southwestern food.
French toast option - Texas stuffed french toast - stuffed with cream cheese and fresh fruit, $8

105 N 6th St (Cross Street: Between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue)
Not a lot of options on the brunch menu.
French toast option - Stuffed French Toast with homemade marmelade & cream $8

Williamsburgh Cafe
170 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn 11211
At N 6th St

A bit pricey. but lots of delicious sounding options. This sounds un-be-lee-vable:
Pumpkin Waffle Served with candied pecans, sweet whipped cream & maple bourbon syrup - $10
French toast option -
Challah French Toast Fresh banana and berry foster sauce - $10

Park Luncheonette
334 Driggs Ave- At Lorimer St
I've been here for brunch, it was excellent. They filmed part of The Departed here as well.

530 Driggs Ave (Cross Street: N 8th Street)
$10.95 Brunch special includes fresh squeezed juice and coffee
French toast option - French toast with fruit. Also several yummy sounding egg choices.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, it's Friday at 2 pm, and I'm drunk at work again. Oops!
That sounds terrible. But this is not my fault, my bosses just took me out for my belated birthday lunch. I ordered a water and Denise said "Jeez, doesn't anyone drink anymore!" So we went for the bottle of wine. And they kept pouring more in my glass! My head hurts. I think I have a hangover already.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh my goodness.

My head hurts terribly. I think this is because my glasses aren't strong enough and I'm out of contacts. I ordered more, and UPS tried to deliver my package 5 days ago. Apparently they've been back three times. Luckily I know that because I've gotten exactly ZERO notices. Oh wait... So I call the store to see what's the deal, and they tell me that UPS tried to deliver, and give me the tracking number.

On the UPS website, I can track my package. It says "1st delivery attempt failed", "2nd delivery attempt failed", "3rd delivery attempt failed". And that's the end. That's wonderful, UPS, thanks. Where is my package NOW? After spending many minutes on their terrible website, I give up and call. They only give me four choices on the phone, none of which seems right. I say "talk to a PERSON PLEASE!" but the nice recording says "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that." They put it in a soothing voice... I don't know who they think they're kidding with that. So I select "track the package," which is what I just did on the website, but fine. This time, I get a little more information - "three delivery attempts failed. Your package is now at a Customer Center." And that's all the help I can get from the phone operator. So, armed with this new information, I go back to the website and look up "Customer Center". Very kindly, they offer several! One near my apartment, one near my office, how lovely. It's unfortunate that my package can only be at one place and yet they won't tell me where it is. Anyway, I'm sure it's at the one near the office, but still I am very grouchy. I really don't understand how UPS is still in business. And how no one has bombed it or anything.

Thanks for listening, blog, you're always so understanding.

Friday, January 26, 2007

To extend the holiday spirits for a little longer, Shun, Cyni and I headed off to the Dominican Republic for some fun in the sun. Nothing like the joys of an all-inclusive beach vacation! though the tropical sun does not agree with my hair.

Ah, long time no write words on the internet.

And, I'm afraid that what I'm going to have to write is once again, I hate dunkin donuts. They forgot the cheese on my disgusting only-edible-because-of-the-cheese egg and cheese sandwich. If it were 20 degrees out, I would go back and make them fix it. But alas, it is only 15 degrees and I am staying put at my desk. God, what a world.

Maybe I'll eat a bowl of melted cheese for dinner. I deserve it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

this is an example of something that is not interesting at all. so that is why it goes onto the blog - because no one wants to hear it.

yesterday, i went to d'agastino's on my lunch hour, and spent the whole hour wandering around. d'agastino's is a very nice grocery store. much nicer than met foods. i wish the whole foods on houston would open. but i think that is a lost cause. what is the deal.

i got some peaches which are just so delicious... it is unbelievable. i did not eat nearly enough fruit this summer, and now it's over. i'll add it to the list of reasons the summer went too fast. so today i eat some oatmeal with peaches for breakfast. what a great combo. i also got some oregon chai stuff which you mix with milk and it makes a chai tea latte. it's pretty good, although it would be way better if the milk were foamy. i think my office should have a cappucino machine instead of the dinky coffeepot. people work better when they are caffeinated. for lunch i had some more irish bread and cheese, the irish bread is really too stale to eat at this point. luckily i have good teeth. actually, i have terrible teeth, cavities abound, nevermind. now i am hungry as the devil... isn't oatmeal supposed to be filling? so i'm eating some applesauce which i also bought yesterday (i keep more food in the office then i do at home!) but i am nearing the bottom of the applesauce and wondering what i can put in my mouth next... i have a pile of chocolates here but i really don't want to eat them - they are for sugar cravings and right now i want some mac and cheese or a burrito or something. is it weird to leave streams of conciousness about food on the internet? also, is it weird that all i think about is food? i'm going to suggest mac and cheese for dinner.